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As consumers, we rarely consider the effects our fast fashion purchases have on the planet earth. As a result, the environment we live in is getting destructed.

However, there are ways of contributing towards the reconstruction of our planet with products made ethically and sustainably, that is what Mhysa believes in. 

We have built Mhysa to make it easier for you to purchase fashion responsibly.

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Our Mission

  • We aim to promote Indian traditional art and textiles by bringing awareness to be a conscious customer.

  • Inspiring the younger
    generation, to carry forward the lineage of Indian handwoven and block printed textiles.

  • Providing healthy, hygienic and medicinal fabrics as well as artsy Conceptualized Designs.

Our Vision

  • Rejuvenating ancient sustainable hand-crafted textile techniques of spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing.

  • Providing skin friendly and antibacterial clothes, which are safe and gentle for baby skin and maternity.

  • Aiming to empower and provide livelihood to over thousands of Indian rural artisans of textile Industry.

  • Leaving greener planet for our future generation and contributing towards better environment.

When a conscious consumer buys from Mhysa, 
it helps generate employment for so many hidden stars !

Conscious Consumer



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Block Printer

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Fabric Dyer

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Block Maker


Cotton Farmer
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Farmers growing raw materials for fabric, dyeing and printing.

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