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5 Reasons why sustainable fashion is the need of the hour.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The word sustainability itself implies ‘to sustain’. It means ‘to strengthen, keep and comfort’. ‘Ability’ means ‘a power or potential to keep something’. Leading a Sustainable life has the power to nourish nature as a mother nourishes her child.

Comforts nature

The clothes we wear affect our environment both directly & indirectly. The perfect example would be the flexible performance based polyester clothes we wear. It is completely impossible to eradicate polyester clothing out of the fashion life cycle, but certain provisions of recycling, reusing polyester based products should be made by all retail giants. These are chemically made which in turn affects the air, water and land all at once. If we continue wearing these, then our future generations will not have a healthy environment to live in. Sustainability is the only right and bright solution for our future.

Living being friendly

Sustainability is a practice which is pure and healthy not only for humans, but also for animals and plants. It does not involve harming animals and plants. Sustainable clothing are made from natural fibers that allow the skin to breathe. These are usually plant based and thus decompose easily.

Completely sustainable clothes are made using natural elements that do not harm the environment even after use.

Generates employment

Sustainability is a tool which promotes lesser need of machinery which in turn helps generate employment opportunities. It gives jobs to artisans, which not only helps them with their financial conditions, but also helps them to promote their skills.

Sustainability also promotes a living

wage and safer working conditions,

where each person working in

any sector is respected equally.

Buy less, value more

Sustainability teaches us the value of our surroundings as well as our things. It promotes handmade products which involve hard work, love & care. There were days when we had a woolen shawl wrapped around us in winter indicating the sense of care which it is made from. Love & warmth of the shawl reminded us of the values given by elderly, which they were given along the shawl. Earlier garments had values, through sustainability we can revive them again.

Unique way of clothing

Some people think sustainability is boring. Sustainable garments have uniqueness in the way they are made. For example, the colors and the prints are what you will find in a sustainable store, you won't be able to find at any other store. The concept & the approach of making the garment is totally unique & original. Each and every garment from scratch is made with pure materials. The specialty of sustainable materials is that no other garment is as same as the other with each having some unique elements from the other.

Clothing plays a big role in our daily lives we’re committed to work towards a sustainable future in fashion. By using as many up-cycled, organic & recycled materials as possible, we seek to reduce pressure on resources in order to restore the balance between people & planet with regards to fashion. It's an extremely accessible avenue for all of us to affect change. We can educate ourselves, raise awareness on who made our clothes, what they’re made of and how their production impacts people and the planet.

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